Attack of the Metal gods


2012 MetalHammer promo baskı
Müzik türü : Heavy metal

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1 Gojira – L’Enfant Sauvage
2 Fear Factory– Recharger
3 Ihsahn– The Paranoid
4 Sabaton– The Lion From The North
5 Kreator– Phantom Antichrist
6 Baroness– Take My Bones Away
7 Hellyeah– War In Me
8 3 Inches Of Blood– Metal Woman
9 While She Sleeps– Dead Behind The Eyes
10 Evil Scarecrow– Blacken The Everything
11 Amulet– Running Out Of Time
12 Sedulus– The Perseids
13 Haerken – One To Defend, One To Defeat
14 Prelude To The Hunt– The Lord And The Lioness
15 Sea Bastard– Aqua Vitae