John Williams -Indiana Jones – Raiders Of The Lost Ark – Soundtrack – 2 Plak


2017 Avrupa Baskısı
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A1 In The Jungle
A2 The Idol Temple
A3 Escape From The Temple
A4 Flight From Peru
A5 Washington Men / Indy’s Home
A6 A Thought For Marion / To Nepal
A7 The Medallion
A8 Flight To Cairo
B1 The Basket Game
B2 Bad Dates
B3 The Map Room: Dawn
B4 Reunion In The Tent / Searching For The Well
B5 The Well Of The Souls
C1 Indy Rides The Statue
C2 The Fist Fight / The Flying Wing
C3 Desert Chase
C4 Marion’s Theme / The Crate
D1 The German Sub
D2 Ride To The Nazi Hideout
D3 Indy Follows The Ark
D4 The Miracle Of The Ark
D5 Washington Ending and Raiders March