John Williams – The Great Movie Soundtracks


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1-1 Harry Potter And The Philospher’s Stone – Harry’s Wonderful World
1-2 End Credits (From “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”)
1-3 War Horse
1-4 Sabrina: Theme
1-5 Theme (From “Far And Away”)
1-6 American Journey (Excerpts)
1-7 Suite For Cello And Orchestra (From “Memoirs Of A Geisha”)
2-1 Jaws (Excerpts)
2-2 E.T. (excerpts)
2-3 The Adventures Of Tintin
2-4 Lincoln (The People’s House)
2-5 Suite From “Born On The Fourth Of July”
2-6 Main Theme (From “Schindler’s List”)
2-7 Cadillac Of The Skies (From “Empire Of The Sun”)
2-8 Close Encounters Of The Third Kind: Main Theme / When You Wish Upon A Star
2-9 Sugarland Express: Title Theme
3-1 Star Wars I-Iii
3-2 Star Wars Iv-Vi
4-1 Air And Simple Gifts
4-2 Song For World Peace
4-3 Summon The Heroes
4-4 Hymn To New England
4-5 The Five Sacred Trees (Concerto For Bassoon And Orchestra)
4-6 Sound The Bells!
4-7 Elegy
4-8 The Mission Theme (Theme For Nbc News)
4-9 March (From “1941”)
4-10 The Olympic Spirit