McCarthy – That’s All Very Well But – The Best Of McCarthy


2006 İtalya Baskısı
Kapak : 8,5 – EX Plak : 9 – NM
Orijinal iç zarf mevcuttur
Müzik türü : Rock , İndie Rock

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A1 Red Sleeping Beauty
A2 Should The Bible Be Banned
A3 An M.P. Speaks
A4 The Fall
A5 The Funeral
A6 We Are All Bourgeois Now
A7 Antinature
A8 Kill Kill Kill Kill
A9 Frans Hals
A10 The Myth Of The North – South Divide
B1 Something Wrong Somewhere
B2 This Nelson Rockefeller
B3 Charles Windsor
B4 From The Damned
B5 Child Soon In Chains
B6 The Enemy Is At Home (For The Fat Lady)
B7 The Well Of Loneliness
B8 You’re Alive
B9 Keep An Open Mind Or Else
B10 I’m Not A Patriot But…