Mussorgsky – Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra – Pictures At An Exhibition


1960 Amerika Baskısı
Kapak : 7,5 Plak : 8
Müzik türü : Klasik

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Pictures At An Exhibition
A1 Promenade
A2 Gnomus
A3 Promenade – The Old Castle
A4 Promenade – The Tulleries Gardens
A5 Bydlo
A6 Promenade – Ballet Of The Chicks In Their Shells
A7 Samuel Goldenberg And Schmuyle
A8 The Marketplace At Limoges
A9 The Catacombs – “Com Mortuis In Lingua Mortua”
B1 The Hut On Fowl’s Legs
B2 The Great Gate Of Kiev
Two Excerpts From “Khovanshchina”
B3 Prelude
B4 Dance Of The Persian Slaves