Stars On 45 Vol. 2


1981 Almanya Baskısı
Kapak : 8 Plak : 8,5
Müzik türü : Electronic , Disco

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A.1 Stars On 45
A.2 Papa Was A Rolling Stone
A.3 Dance To The Music
A.4 Sugar Baby Love
A.5 Papa Was A Rolling Stone
A.6 Let’s Go To San Francisco
A.7 A Horse With No Name
A.8 Monday, Monday
A.9 San Francisco
A.10 California
A.11 Eve Of Destruction
A.12 Tears Of A Clown
A.13 Stop In The Name Of Love
A.14 Cracklin’ Rosie
A.15 Do-Wah-Diddy-Diddy
A.16 A Lover’s Concerto
A.17 Reach Out I’ll Be There
A.18 Sound Of Silence
A.19 Stars On 45
A.20 Voulez-Vous
A.21 S.O.S.
A.22 Bang A Boomerang
A.23 Money, Money, Money
A.24 Knowing Me, Knowing You
A.25 Fernando
A.26 The Winner Takes It All
A.27 Super Trooper
A.28 Stars On 45
B Stars Get Ready