Sweetbox – Sweetbox


1998 Türkiye baskısı
Müzik türü : Electronic , Hip Hop

1 adet stokta

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A1 Intro
A2 Don’t Go Away
A3 Interlude
A4 He Loves Me
A5 Mama Papa
A6 Interlude
A7 Candygirl
A8 Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
A9 Interlude
A10 Never Never
A11 If I Can’t Have You
A12 Get On Down
B1 I’ll Die For You
B2 No No
B3 Here We Go Again
B4 Another Minute
B5 One More Time
B6 Don’t Go Away (Brucie’s 2Bad Gordie Mix)
B7 Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Classic Version)