The Three Degrees – The Three Degrees


1976 Japonya Baskısı
Kapak : 8,5 – EX Plak : 9 – NM
Müzik türü : Soul , Funk

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A1 TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia)
A2 Dirty Ol’ Man
A3 Love Is The Message
A4 La Chanson Populaire
A5 When Will I See You Again (Japanese Version)
A6 Distant Lover
A7 Here I Am
A8 Get Your Love Back
A9 Together
A10 Somos Novios (It’s Impossible)
B1 When Will I See You Again
B2 Take Good Care Of Yourself
B3 Nigai Namida
B4 Midnight Train
B5 Can’t You See What You’re Doing To Me
B6 Another Heartache
B7 Year Of Decision
B8 Free Ride
B9 Harlem
B10 Love Train