Vaya Con Dios – The Ultimate Collection – CD + DVD


2006 Avrupa Baskısı
Müzik türü : Pop

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CD : The Best Of
CD-1 Pauvre Diable (The Ultimate Collection Mix)
CD-2 Just A Friend Of Mine
CD-3 Don’t Cry For Louie
CD-4 Philadelphia
CD-5 Puerto Rico
CD-6 Johnny
CD-7 I Don’t Want To Know
CD-8 Nah Neh Nah
CD-9 Travelling Light
CD-10 What’s A Woman?
CD-11 Heading For A Fall
CD-12 Far Gone Now
CD-13 Time Flies
CD-14 Forever Blue
CD-15 Farewell Song
CD-16 Stay With Me
CD-17 Don’t Break My Heart
CD-18 Je L’Aime, Je L’Aime
CD-19 Don’t Deny
CD-20 Some Like It Hot
CD-21 What’s A Woman?
Featuring – Aaron Neville
Live Acoustic Concert

DVD-1 Just A Friend Of Mine
DVD-2 Forever Blue
DVD-3 Far Gone Now
DVD-4 Farewell Song
DVD-5 Don’t Cry For Louie
DVD-6 Sold My Soul
DVD-7 Pack Your Memories
DVD-8 I Don’t Want To Know
DVD-9 Travelling Light
DVD-10 Puerto Rico
DVD-11 Nah Neh Nah