C + C Music Factory – Anything Goes


1994 Türkiye baskısı
Müzik türü :Electronic,Pop

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A1 Let’s Get Started (Interlude I)
A2 Bounce To The Beat (Can You Dig It)
A3 Do You Wanna Get Funky
A4 I Found Love
A5 A Song Is Just A Song (Interlude II)
A6 Takin’ Over
A7 Gonna Love U Over
A8 The Mood (Interlude III)
A9 Take A Toke
A10 Just Wanna Chill
B1 All Damn Night
B2 Share That Beat Of Love
B3 Hip Hop Express
B4 Robi-Rob’s Boriqua Anthem
B5 C + C Has Left The Building (Interlude IV)
B6 The West (Interlude V)
B7 Good Or Bad (VI)
B8 A Moment Of Silence For Larry Levan
B9 A Moment Of Silence For Chep Nunez
B10 Papermaker